Information Sessions 101

  Booth Info Session
Who? Targets students who don’t know about Outreach Trips. For students who are interested in Outreach Trips but want more information.
Where? Busy spots on campus; near study spaces, common areas, places to eat, etc. In a classroom or study space that you have booked ahead of time.
When? Year round. Time has to be allocated to promote for info sessions. Dec/Feb/June. At least 2-3 months before trip.

How? An information session requires preparation at least a month in advance. The month is a minimum- the early you can pick a date the better.

It’s important to know your date in advance so that you can advertise for your information session. Ideally, you want to have 1-2 information sessions at least 3-4 months before your trip departs.

Prep Work.

  • Book a room. Preferably one with a computer and projector.
  • LOTS of Marketing: at booths, at Exam Aid Sessions, with flyers, to your executive team, to individual departments, to classes, etc.
    • Find past trip participants to speak about their experience.
    • Prepare a PowerPoint with trip details, logistics, pricing, and photos and videos from past trips.

Sample Information Session Schedule:

  • Welcome and introduce yourself – 5 minutes
  • About SOS, our 360º model of volunteering, Outreach process, etc – 10 minutes
  • Trip video (doesn’t have to be from your trip) – 5 minutes
  • Trip details PowerPoint – 15 minutes
  • Testimonials from past participants – 15 minutes
  • Question and answer period – 10 minutes

Information Session