On Campus Tabling or Booths


Booths are a key component to increasing students’ awareness of SOS Outreach Trips.

The purpose of a booth is to engage with students and tell them that SOS provides Outreach Trips.

At your booth, you want to make sure students know the location of your trip and what their tasks will be. You want to highlight the benefits of going on an Outreach Trip and how they can find out more information.


Prep Work

To prepare for your booth you will need to:

  • Pick times and dates – it is encourage to plan many booths at once (makes prep easier!)
  • Book space (as per your campus rules)
  • Inform your Executive team and general volunteers location and time of booth
  • Create a sign up sheet for SOS volunteers who will be at the booth
  • Get your supplies ready!



If you choose to have your booth themed, then tailor the materials to fit your booth!

You will need :

  • Flyers
  • Sign up sheet for interested students to leave their email
  • Decorations!
  • SOS Signage (ex. zap banner, Bristol board, table cloth, etc)
  • A computer with the rotating PowerPoint and National Outreach website up

Halloween Booth Minute to Win it Booth