Taking Photos & Videos on Your Outreach Trip

Taking Pictures & Filming Videos on your Outreach Trip

During your Outreach Trips you will witness some of the most beautiful and awe inducing spectacles unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Whether it is the mountains in Bolivia, the Peruvian rainforest, or the deep waters in Guatemala, you will want to snap pictures and film videos left right and center. Similarly, you will want to hold memories of your community, worksite, and accommodations through different forms of media.

At SOS, we do not want to deter you away from capturing your trip experience- we love pictures and videos! And we will be the first to admit it! However, before taking out your camera and Go Pro, please note the following.

You are a guest in the community and a representative of SOS. Your participation on an Outreach trip does not mandate that your surroundings, whether people or places, are yours to record or consume.

Before taking pictures or filming videos, it is mandatory that you ask your NGO leader and community leader if it is OK to do so.


This is a sign of respect. In many of our communities, Spanish is the predominate language. To show greater admiration, you may ask in Spanish.

“May I take your picture?”  à  “¿Puedo tomar su foto?”

Different cultures perceive media in various ways, and it is crucial, to ensure a continued positive relationship with one another, that we ask before taking photos. Communities that have had international volunteers before will be used to this, but it is still important to ask.

It is so wonderful to keep memories of your trip. The way in which you do so, is of the utmost importance.