Trip Leadership Role: Wellness Participant

Wellness Participant Role Description



  • Patient
  • Sensitive
  • Approachable
  • First aid certifications desired, but not required


The role of the Wellness Participant is to ensure the physical and mental health of all Outreach Trip participants during their SOS Outreach Trip. The Wellness Participant is not to act as an emergency first aid responder, but to be a leader in encouraging and ensuring participants take the necessary measures to prevent emergencies and promote safety.


Duties include:


Complete understanding of SOS’s Health and Safety Manual


Responsible for the first aid kit (provided by SOS):

  • Knowing the location of the first aid kit at all times
  • Knowing the contents of the first aid kit and how to use them appropriately


Ensuring participants take all preventive measures to promote wellness and protect themselves:

  • Encouraging participants to stay hydrated by drinking LOTS of water
  • Encouraging participants to spent a minimal amount of time working in direct sunlight or extreme heat and to take breaks throughout the day in shaded areas


Be an advocate for the mental and physical well being of the group

  • Create an atmosphere in which participants feel comfortable speaking to you about concerns relating to their health and the working conditions
  • Speak to the Trip Leader when and/or if you notice concerns that will affect the wellbeing of the group
  • Encourage participants to always follow SOS’s golden rule