Trip Leadership Role: Community Profile Participant

Community Profile Participant Role Description



  • Approachable
  • Strong interest in research and/or data collection
  • Willingness to collaborate with NGO and Trip Leaders to collect information
  • Patient and flexible
  • Eager for a cross cultural experience
  • Spanish speaking (desired, but if not the NGO leader will help with the process).
  • Completed a course on research methods (desired, but not required).


On most SOS trips, we conduct a quantitative baseline survey of the community we are visiting. The intent of this project is two-fold: first, we want the volunteers to engage with the community and learn where they are and second, we want to gather a statistical baseline study of the community visited. We want this information so that we can measure our progress where we are working to make sure that our projects and contribution are making a meaningful and worthwhile impact.


SOS will provide you with a giant excel chart that guides you through questions to ask, and a scoring method. The idea is that the CPP will work through this for an hour to two each day, and will share with the rest of the group what they learnt each night and lead a discussion about it.  After the trip, you will send your findings to head office and we will add them to our data base.


Duties include:


Completing the chart provided by Head Office

  • It is the responsibility of the CPP to discuss with the Trip Leader and NGO leader when an appropriate time to do this will be and who will be the appropriate person to speak to.
  • If the CPP nor the Trip Leader speak Spanish please let your NGO leader know you want to collect data so they can find a time in their schedule that works.
  • Be consistent that you would try to collect an hour to two hours of data a day. Some days you will be able to spend more time collecting and some days less.


Sharing your findings with the team every night and leading a discussion surrounding it – your Trip Leader will help!


If more trip participants would like to try asking questions and recording answers, that is more than okay! In this case the CPP would be responsible for:

  • Supervising the process
  • Training the temporary CPP in interview and data collection processes.