Digital Products Best Case Practices

This e-manual outlines some best case practices from chapters that have had success with offering digital products. If your chapter is considering offering these products, use this as a starting point!

Queen’s SOS

Recording Digital Exam-AIDs

  • Course coordinators are trained on recording Digital Exam-AIDs at the live session
    • If there is no course coordinator, then one of the tutors or executives does the recording
  • Recordings broken down by chapter within the session to help with navigation for students using the videos
  • VP Digital uploads all videos right after the session & creates the session on Portal beforehand so that students may pre-register
    • Getting the videos up quickly is important so that students get the value of them immediately
Value of Digital Products
  • Many lectures at Queen’s are recorded, so students are already used to studying through videos already
  • Some students will purchase the digital version if the in-person session sells out
  • Many look for a bundle of the in-person and video together, which could be sold for $30
Marketing Digital Exam-AIDs
  • Digital products are marketed alongside the in-person session
  • Tutors are trained on how to talk about SOS, different Exam-AID products, etc
    • Tutors attend class talks to market sessions
Feedback fromĀ StudentsĀ 
  • Many students who will buy the digital for all of their courses; lots of return customers
  • Many students looking for a “bundle” deal for the in-person and digital together
York SOS

Recording Digital Exam-AIDs

  • VP Digital creates the plan of courses that will be recorded and manages the DEA team
    • Courses are assigned to students, usually 1-2 courses per volunteer (including VP as well)
  • Volunteers are responsible for video from filming it at the session to uploading it and ensuring its available to students
  • Instructions for selling the bundle deal online:
    • Create a separate session on the Exam-AID Manager for $30
    • Use this list for students at the session, and add them manually via the Digital Exam-AID Manager
    • Bundle can also be added when paying in person
Value of Digital Products
  • Bundling the digital and in-person sessions together sells very well with students (sold for $30)
  • Can be marketed as a back-up to the in-person session
    • Digital sessions do particularly well when there is bad weather or other problems on campus
  • A lot of value in ability to “watch at your own pace”
Marketing Digital Exam-AIDs
  • Focus on Facebook marketing for digital specific marketing
  • Otherwise, digital products are marketed right alongside in-person sessions

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