VP Academics Handbook

VP Academics Handbook

Welcome to your new role as Vice President of Academics. You are responsible for the training and management of Exam-AID Instructors for your chapter. This manual outlines your main responsibilities and indicated where you can find more information.

To make the learning process easier, this handbook serves as a high level overview of your role as Vice President and the basics of Students Offering Support. There are separate resources that go into more detail on specific functions, linked below:

If you get stuck or have any questions don’t hesitate to  e-mail the Director of Chapter Operations at chapters@studentsofferingsupport.ca. You should also join SOS VP Logistics Community on Facebook  for important updates.


The 3 ‘W’s of SOS

Why:  SOS’s mission is to empower students through social entrepreneurship supporting education both locally and internationally while fostering global citizenship.

What: Students Offering Support (SOS) is a student-led charitable organization that supports and develops SOS chapters on university campuses. Each chapter raises money to raise roofs through raising marks during Exam-AID group review sessions, taught and coordinated by student volunteers for university students. Each year, the money raised goes towards building sustainable projects in Central and South America, supporting access to a quality education.

Who: You – the students on university campuses across North America!


Core Values

1. Innovation:
Innovation is core to every part of the organization and experience. From continual innovations in our on-campus teaching methods, cutting-edge technology used to create a collaborative online community of student leaders to ground-breaking community investments, maximizing the impact our funds can have in our partnering communities.

2. Excellence:
We pride ourselves at putting our students, volunteers, and community members at the highest priority in every decision we make, ensuring that every interaction and experience is impactful, both on campus and in our partnering communities.

3. Accountability
We are accountable for our actions and how they affect the lives of our volunteers and partners. We take pride in doing work that positively impacts the people we collaborate with.

4. Collaboration:
At SOS, efficient collaboration is critical to our organization. We work hard to develop two-way relationships with post-secondary institutions, corporate sponsors, student groups, our international NGO partners and communities. By developing trusting relationships, collaboration has enabled SOS to grow and maintain our excellence and accountability.



There are a number of ways that a campus chapter can organize their leadership structure.  At a minimum, all campus chapters must have a President, VP Finance, VP Human Resources, VP Marketing, VP Outreach, & VP Logistics. Below you will find a typical chapter structure that may be useful in determining your own campus structure dependent on your needs and resources.

Each role is assisted by a pool of volunteers. Additional roles some chapters have implemented include: VP Business Development, VP Academic & VP Digital Exam-AIDs. These roles should only be added if there is significant need.


Team Members/Structure

You report to the President. You will primarily be working with the Head Tutor, Course Coordinators, and the tutors themselves. They are your team and it is your job to manage them. You can find their duties elaborated on further here.


Mandatory Minimums

Below is a list of processes that your chapter must have established in order to have a functioning logistics department. You can refer to relevant e-manual posts where they are available (see links below), and if you have any questions, please email chapters@studentsofferingsupport.ca.

  • Exam-AID Instructor hiring process
  • Mock sessions + feedback
  • Knowledge management system
  • Exam-AID Instructor evaluations


General Responsibilities

  • Instructing Exam-AID Instructors on the process of planning and executing Exam-AID review sessions
    • Provide guidelines for creating review sessions and supporting materials
    • Demonstrate how to use the portal for completing tasks
    • Hold mock sessions to allow Exam-AID Instructors to practice their sessions and get feedback
    • Provide feedback after sessions and support the skills development of all Exam-AID Instructors
  • Holding regular meetings with all Exam-AID Instructors
    • Design specific To-Do lists on a regular basis
    • Discuss deadlines, SOS updates, events, etc.
    • Ensure Exam-AID Instructors are prepared to run their review sessions and are completing tasks by set deadlines (can do this using a team agenda/calendar)
  • Attending scheduled meetings with President(s) and other Vice Presidents
    • Provide team updates; contribute ideas and feedback to all members.
  • Encouraging your team to attend SOS related events (i.e. socials, intramurals, fundraising campaigns, charity events, etc.)

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