Social Media Do’s, Don’ts & Best Case Practices

Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

  1. DO: Talk about your volunteers!
    • One of the most unique parts about SOS is that we’re student run!
    • Talk about your tutor’s experience with the course and what makes them awesome!
  2. DON’T: Over utilize Facebook events
    • Facebook events can seem like a great way to advertise, but it often confuses students in terms of how to pre-register
    • Events also tend to clog up space on your page, which doesn’t look great and takes away from your other content!
    • A better way to advertise is to encourage students to pre-register, then use the Communication Manager on Portal
  3. DO: Advertise all of your products
    • If your chapter is offering a number of different Exam-AID products, make sure you’re talking about all of them!
    • Social media is a great way to talk about the differences between your products
  4. DON’T: Forget to post regularly!
    • Students will go to your social media sites to find out more information about what your chapter is offering
    • It doesn’t look professional if your sites are empty or outdated
    • If you don’t have enough content for all of your social media platforms, consider focusing on fewer platforms; Instagram and Facebook tend to be most popular
  5. DO: Try new things & look to other chapters for inspiration!
    • Try out new content ideas constantly, and be continually brainstorming ways to make your platforms more engaging
    • Look to our other 30+ chapters for inspiration – you may find your next great campaign or promotional idea!

Best Case Practices

Below are some best case practices from some chapters that have great social media content!

Windsor SOS


Laurier SOS

York SOS

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