Story of Success: JDC Partnership at Laurier SOS


Laurier SOS has long been the highest gross revenue chapter within Students Offering Support – and one of the reasons for this is their incredible partnership with the JDC (Jeux de Commerce) club at their school. The basis of this partnership is that JDC members tutor some of Laurier SOS’ sessions and get to claim “charity points” for their competition, and Laurier SOS gets great tutors with a strong network to run their sessions. The most successful version of this is the BU111 course at Laurier, which for 2 years in a row has brought out over 300 people to the session! Below is an outline of how Laurier SOS is able to hold such a successful chapter, written by former co-president Alex McDonnell.

How They Did It!

BU111 – Introduction to Business is a required course for all first year business students. The program is about 1000 students strong.

To target first year students, our Street Team has been setting up where first years hang out… the Dining Hall! Street Team has been running flyer handouts there and in other spots around campus to generate awareness about what we do.

Through our partnership with JDC, we were able to get two of the BU111 TAs to lead our sessions. These guys are both TAs and JDC competitors, so they brought course connections and amazing presentation skills to SOS.

TAs for first year business have strong relationships with their students. They meet with students every week in labs and coach them through New Venture, a major project in first year business. TAs also have strong relationships with the professors of the course, with whom they also meet weekly. Because our Exam-AID Instructors were TAs, the professors were comfortable giving the sessions strong endorsement in class. We put together a quick ppt slide with all the session info and a clear call-to-action, then relied on the TAs to communicate with the profs and have the slide shown and endorsed by the profs during lectures. “Class presentation” accounted for >50% of the “How did you hear about us?” survey responses, so we know this endorsement really paid off. Our tutors also passed the slide along to their fellow TAs and asked them to mention the SOS sessions in their own labs. So altogether, BU111 students probably heard about the sessions at least 6 times JUST via in-class promo.

Facebook Advertising for BU111 Session

Pictures from BU111 Session (Fall 2015)

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