Special Promotional Campaigns

Promotions are a great way to attract customers to your business or service, in this case, the Exam-AID sessions offered by SOS. Don’t think that just because SOS is a charity, you can’t offer discounts or promotions. In fact, many people may think that Exam-AID sessions are a great concept, but are only prevented from coming because of the cost. All the extra students that can now afford to come can cover any “lost” sales. You can offer this for the midterms, and students who benefit from this are likely to return for finals, at the regular price. Some ideas for promotions are:

Giveaways are a great way to attract students to the Exam-AID sessions. You can run a contest where one lucky student can win a prize pack, such as a GoodLife prize pack, which can include a gym bag, water bottle, a membership trial, etc. You can also give away gift cards. A good way to do this is once someone registers, let them know that they’ve been entered into the contest. You can assign a number to each student, and use a random generator, which can be found online.

One of these is http://www.randomresult.com/num.php. You can also have giveaways at booths using a wheel, which students can “Spin to Win,” which gives students a chance to win a prize from a range of prizes.

Discounts on Birthday/Birthday Week
Another promotion you can offer is a discount to students if it’s their birthday or if their birthday is coming up soon (within a week). You can give them a 50% discount, but make sure you don’t give them too much, because we are a charity. You also want to ensure that you don’t give them a free session.

Group Discounts
Another promotion you can offer is group discounts. A way to do this would be to allow, for example, a group of five friends to pay $15 each, instead of $20. The number of students per group and the price is entirely up to you, depending on how much money you have, what your target is, etc.

Early Bird Discounts
Early bird discounts are great for students, as it allows them to come to the sessions at a lower price. However, because of the lower price, it would be a good idea to offer this only for the midterms. If they like the Exam-AID session, they’ll be back for finals, which would be regular price. The price could be reduced to $10-15 for the early bird discount, perhaps a week or two before the Exam-AID session (depending on when you start advertising). You could stop offering the discount a day or two before the session, and then charge $20 afterwards or “at the door.”

Social Media Contests
Social Media contests are a great way to interact with customers and reward them with discounts and other prizes, such as giveaways. You may have seen some companies that Tweet a secret phrase, and when you say that phrase in the store, you get a discount or something for free. For example, Dlish Cupcakes often have a special phrase at a certain time, and the first x amount of people to say that phrase get a free cupcake. Big Moe’s, a burger joint in Toronto, recently had customers say, “I wear the scare,” in order to get 50% of one of their burgers. You could also do something like that. Create a poster to post to Social Media, and have a phrase they can say by either visiting the booth or the classroom. The phrase could be something like, “I’m going to fail unless you help me,” or something funny and creative.

You could also run contests that pick a random winner. This could be done by asking your followers to Like or Share or Retweet your post. Then, pick a random winner from both Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to have the same contest on both platforms, in case someone doesn’t have an account on one of them.

You could also have a “Selfie Contest” where students could take selfies of themselves at an Exam-AID session, and post it to your Facebook page, Twitter page, or Instagram page. You can then choose a winner for the prize. This is a fun way to interact with and get the students to participate, since selfies are a “thing” now.

Package Deals
This is a deal that some chapters currently use. If a student purchases an in-person session, they can get the digital package at a discounted price. This is the same as creating a bundle by combining both sessions for one price.

Holiday Specials
If you hold any Exam-AID sessions near the holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, and even holidays like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, you could offer discounted prices for the sessions. You could also work with the theme of the holiday. For example, for Valentine’s Day, you could have a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off if you come with your SO (significant other).


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