Portal 101: Logistics & Academics

Portal is your guide to all aspects of Students Offering Support that directly affect your position. Most job tools (such as course management and Exam-AID schedules) can be found in the Navigation Bar while upcoming tasks can be found in Task bar. The tabs along the top of the homepage can direct you to various resources that you may find useful, such as the E-Manual. For a brief orientation to Portal, check out this video walk-through here.

The rest of this manual is organized into 5 sections about how you will use Portal in the Logistics department.

Entering Course Information
Below is the process for adding a new course into Portal and assigning courses to your coordinators. Please note that only VP Logistics can do this.

Add a Course

  1. In your Navigation menu, go to Logistics and click on “Course Manager”
  2. Under “Add a Course”, enter the course code used by your school to identify the course (ex: BIO101) and the name of the course (ex: Introduction to Biology).
  3. Click “Add”
  4. This automatically directs you to the Course-to-Volunteer manager where you can assign the Coordinator and Tutors to the course. You can add them at this time or come back later.

Assign Coordinators and Tutors to a Course

  1. In your Navigation Menu, go to Logistics and click on “Course-to-Volunteer”
  2. You can view all courses for the active term and which Coordinators and Tutors are assigned to them.
  3. To add or change a Coordinator assignment, go to the course and pick the desired volunteer from the drop down menu next to the “Coordinator” position. Click “Change”.
  4. To add a Tutor to a course, you can choose a volunteer from the drop down menu next to Tutor OR add an additional Tutor by clicking the “ADD TUTOR” button. To delete a Tutor, click the “delete” button next to the Tutor’s name that you want to delete.

Uploading Course Packages
When you’re uploading your course package, you will either be using a course package from a previous year, or uploading a new or updated version. Below are instructions on how to do both of these actions.

Finding Previous Course Packages

  1. On top of your Portal Homepage, click on the tab called “Files”.
  2. Double-click on your school’s folder on the left side menu, then folder called “CourseMaterials”, and finally locate the folder of the course you are searching for.
  3. Always look for the package from the most recent term unless you know that a different book is being used for the course that was used for a previous term or some other similar situation.
  4. Click the blue download button to the right of the file to download the package.
Uploading New Course Packages
  1. Once the VP of Logistics has reviewed and approved a course package, it can be uploaded to the portal.
  2. In your Navigation menu, go to Exam-AID Coordinator and click on “Exam-AID Manager”
  3. Find the course and exam for you package and click “UPLOAD IT!” to the right of the exam date.
  4. A pop-up window will open and prompt you to first upload a PDF version of your package that will be downloaded by students and then an editable DOC or PPT file that will be stored in the file manager for future use.
  5. If you need to download multiple packages for the same exam, follow the instructions at the bottom of the window for “click here to upload a second package”.

Inputting Exam-AID Session Information
Once the VP Logistics has entered courses into Portal and has assigned them to course coordinators, you can go in an input specific information about the sessions you will be holding.

Entering Exam Information

  1. In your Navigation Menu, go to Exam-AID Coordinator and click on “Exam-AID Manager”.
  2. Here you can see all courses active for the current term assigned to you.
  3. To add an exam date, find the course you want to add an exam for (course code will be in the first dark blue box) and click the link “Add an upcoming Exam (NOT just another date/time) for this course”
  4. A pop-up will open and you will be able to enter the name of the exam (be sure to specify a Midterm or a Final, etc) and the date of the exam.
  5. You need to also enter the textbook and ISBN for the course, as well as a short description of what you will cover in the Exam-AID sessions for this exam. This description will show up on external websites and is the same for all the session dates for that exam.

Entering New Exam-AID Sessions

  1. In your Navigation Menu, go to Exam-AID Coordinator and click on “Exam-AID Manager”.
  2. Here you can see all courses and exams active for the current term assigned to you.
  3. Find the course and exam date you want to add an Exam-AID session date for and click “Add a Exam-AID Session (Date/Time/Room) for this Exam”.
  4. Enter the details for the Exam-AID session: date, start time, end time.
  5. If you know the room, enter the room information (remember to be specific) and capacity or enter TBD if you do not have room. You can edit this information later. Make sure to put in a room number and capacity AS SOON AS you have that information to avoid going over capacity or confusion.

Marketing Exam-AID Sessions
You will need to communicate with students on several occasions, which may include student currently registered in a session or students that have attended sessions for a course in the past. While the marketing team will often take care of this, its important to understand how to use Portal in this way in case you need to cancel or change details for a session.

Emailing Past or Currently Registered Students
  1. In your Navigation menu, go to Exam-AID Coordinator and click on “Communications Manager”.
  2. Click the first button: “Send regular email to volunteers or group” (like the HR team).
  3. This brings you to a menu where you choose the course, then the term, then the exam, and finally the Exam-AID sessions that you want to include in the email.
  4. At any stage in the selections, you can “Add Recipients” (for example, if you want to email all students that have ever registered for a particular courses’ Exam-AID, you can click “Add Recipients” after selecting the course. If you want to email students pre-registered for a particular Exam-AID session, to cancel a session or change a room, you need to select all the way down to the session and then click “Add Recipients”).

Information for Marketing Blasts
One of the things you can do to market your Exam-AID session is to email students who have registered for Exam-AID sessions in the past. Generally, Marketing will be responsible for crafting and distributing these emails, however Coordinators should provide Marketing with some basic information to include:

  • Course info and description
  • Exam date
  • Exam-AID session dates/times and locations
  • Tutor information (names and short bio)

Updating or Changing Session Information
If you change or update session information after students have started pre-registering, you will need to inform them of the changes by email right away. To email students currently registered in a session:

  1. Go to the marketing landing page, under ‘hot links’, click on exam-AID email blast system
  2. Choose ‘send e-mails to students registered in your Exam-AID sessions’ (green)
  3. Select the course code, current term, exam date, and Exam-AID session date that you are emailing about.
  4. Make sure you make it clear in the subject line that the session they are registered for has changed. Ex: “The Exam-AID session you have registered for has changed!”
  5. List the all the information–title, room, date, time–(even if only one aspect has changed) and bold or highlight the updated information.

Monitoring Registrations

  1. In your Navigation menu, go to Exam-AID Coordinator and click on “Exam-AID Manager”
  2. Scroll through the upcoming Exam-AID sessions and look for the “Pre Reg #” (to the left of the “Print Codes” boxes.
  3. Check pre-registrations regularly once registration is open and flag any pre-reg numbers below 10% of the class size 10 days before the session.

Post Exam-AID Sessions
After your Exam-AID, you may have to manually input registrations into Portal. The process below explains how to do that.

Inputing New Registrations

  1. Once the Exam-AID session has been completed, you will need to enter any students who registered on paper at the session.
  2. In your Navigation menu, go to Logistics OR Exam-AID Coordinator and click on “Exam-AID Manager”
  3. Scroll down to “Completed Sessions” and find the course that you want to enter registrations for.
  4. Find the session/package you want to add a student to & click the hyperlink
  5. A pop-up window will open, and you can search for a student and add them to that session (Note: students must create an account on the system in order for their name to show up!)
  6. Click “Add” and repeat this process for all students you need to enter.

Monitoring Tutor & Coordinator Feedback
Feedback should be monitored as close to real time as possible. Right after an Exam-AID session, the Coordinator should check for student feedback and debrief the Tutor with any significant feedback before the session if possible. Coordinators should also check their own feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

  1. In your Navigation menu, go to Exam-AID Coordinator and click on “Exam-AID Manager”
  2. Scroll through the upcoming Exam-AID sessions and down to “completed Exam-AID sessions”
  3. Look under “Tutor” and then the Tutor’s name for their average feedback rating. All Tutors should be scoring above 7.5 with a minimum target of 8.5.
  4. Click on the number to see individual comments and specifics. Be sure to note positive comments as well as weaknesses.
  5. To check Coordinator ratings, look under “Coordinator” and your name. Ratings should be above 7.5 as well.

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