VP Human Resources Handbook

Human Resources Handbook 2014-2015

Welcome to your new role as VP of Human Resources. Human Resources is the art of managing people and making sure things are running smoothly. This manual outlines your main responsibilities and indicates where you can find more information.

To make the learning process easier, this handbook serves as a high level overview of your role as VP Human Resources and the basics of Students Offering Support. There are separate resources that go into more detail on related functions, linked below:

If you get stuck or have any questions don’t hesitate to  e-mail the Director of Chapter Operations at chapters@studentsofferingsupport.ca, or post in the Facebook group ‘SOS VP Human Resources Community‘.


The 3 W’s of SOS 

Why:  SOS’s mission is to empower students through social entrepreneurship supporting education both locally and internationally while fostering global citizenship.

What: Students Offering Support (SOS) is a student-led charitable organization that supports and develops SOS chapters on university campuses. Each chapter raises money to raise roofs through raising marks during Exam-AID group review sessions, taught and coordinated by student volunteers for university students. Each year, the money raised goes towards building sustainable projects in Central and South America, supporting access to a quality education.

Who: You – the students on university campuses across North America!


Core Values

1. Innovation:
Innovation is core to every part of the organization and experience. From continual innovations in our on-campus teaching methods, cutting-edge technology used to create a collaborative online community of student leaders to ground-breaking community investments, maximizing the impact our funds can have in our partnering communities.

2. Excellence:
We pride ourselves at putting our students, volunteers, and community members at the highest priority in every decision we make, ensuring that every interaction and experience is impactful, both on campus and in our partnering communities.

3. Accountability
We are accountable for our actions and how they affect the lives of our volunteers and partners. We take pride in doing work that positively impacts the people we collaborate with.

4. Collaboration:
At SOS, efficient collaboration is critical to our organization. We work hard to develop two-way relationships with post-secondary institutions, corporate sponsors, student groups, our international NGO partners and communities. By developing trusting relationships, collaboration has enabled SOS to grow and maintain our excellence and accountability.



There are a number of ways that a campus chapter can organize their leadership structure.  At a minimum, all campus chapters must have a President, VP Finance, VP Human Resources, VP Marketing, VP Outreach, & VP Logistics. Below you will find a typical chapter structure that may be useful in determining your own campus structure dependent on your needs and resources.

Each role is assisted by a pool of volunteers. Additional roles some chapters have implemented include: VP Business Development, VP Academic & VP Digital Exam-AIDs. These roles should only be added if there is significant need.


Team Members/Structure

On your team you may have a variety of volunteers with different specialties. Here are some examples: Communications Executive, the Training and Development Executive, Talent and Recruitment Executive, and the Event Coordinator. You can find their duties here.

SOS Organizational Structure


Mandatory Minimums

Below is a list of processes that your chapter must have established in order to have a functioning human resources department. You can refer to relevant e-manual posts where they are available (see links below), and if you have any questions, please email chapters@studentsofferingsupport.ca.


General Responsibilities

As Vice President of Human Resources, you are responsible for coordinating, managing, and executing all human resource activities in your chapter.  This will include developing a professional hiring procedure, training new members and implementing any new policies.  Your role is to create a team atmosphere by building a sense of team cohesion and bringing group members together. To excel in this position, you must have a very spirited, welcoming and approachable attitude with all volunteers.

Your position’s primary responsibilities will include:

  • Planning: All aspects of the hiring process with the assistance of President(s) and VPs
    • Updating role descriptions, announcing open positions, accepting applications, scheduling interviews, selecting new members, presenting position offers
    • Adding new volunteers to portal and deactivating the accounts of past volunteers
  • Formalizing: Formalize a consistent hiring process to include conducting interviews, selecting candidates and training new members. See the section on hiring for more information.
  • Training: Coordinate proper training sessions for all new members to ensure an effective transition into their position. If a tutor is not able to pass the mock tutorial they need further training or to be terminated.
  • Socials/Activities: Organize various member socials and community activities to build a concrete team environment (i.e. SOS intramural team, community group volunteering events, holiday festivities, etc.)
    • Motivate volunteers with socials/appreciation events and distributing thank you gifts to keep members engaged with SOS
  • Feedback & Evaluations: Provide feedback and evaluation to all volunteers in regards to their progress (communicate their strengths and where there is room for improvement)
    • Performance appraisals help tutors understand what they’re doing right and where they can approve
    • The tutors should be averaging a 8.75 on the tutor ratings.
      Tutor ratings and feedback are viewable on the portal. It is good to work with the VP logistics to consistently be checking feedback so that if an issue arises you can nip it in the bud.
  •  Communication: Consistently update Chapter President(s) on any changes you feel are necessary to ensure the chapter’s success (i.e. change within a department, promotion or re-evaluation of a volunteer’s position)
    • Communicate with all volunteers on a regular basis to ensure they are comfortable with their position, tasks and activities they must perform
    • Provide an open-door policy for communication with all volunteers
  • Meetings: Attend scheduled meetings with President(s) and other Vice Presidents; schedule weekly meetings with your Event Coordinators
    • Something new are the 30 minute meetings. These occur at the end of the month and are for summarizing the month’s accomplishments, what they need to improve for the next month, and what they can look forward to in upcoming months.


First Tasks & HR Timeline

Below is a timeline of all the tasks that should be done by the VP Human Resources. For more information on the tasks within this timeline, check out the Human Resources Timeline article.

There is an article that goes through all of the first steps you need to take as VP Human Resources. Some other first steps you should do before the school year starts include:

  • Send a little blurb about yourself to the President, other VP’s, and your exec team. They should be doing the same.
  • Get acquainted with portal as there is plenty of useful information available to you there! See under Support Structures for useful links.
  • Set up a team meeting as early as possible to discuss goals for the year. Check out these articles for running your first HR meeting & generally running effective meetings.
Below are some links to other Human Resources E-manuals that will help you throughout your role:


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