Keeping in touch with your host community

So, you’re back from an incredible trip this summer and you (and your group) want to stay in touch with the community you visited…  The obvious ideal situation would be to head down to the community the next moment a time becomes available to pay them a visit. Here are a few ideas from past groups that have been much appreciated. All of them act as a wonderful thank you to the community, and a fun project for your group to work towards as they transition back to life at home.

  1. Scrapbooks. You know how much you enjoy looking at your pictures and sharing them with friends/family? The communities are no different! Getting together a book of your time with this community (pictures, souvenirs) is one of the greatest thank you presents you can give back to everyone. Communities that have received these in the past continually show new groups all the people that once came to visit them.
  2. School Supplies. Interested in continuing to make education more accessible and higher quality? Think about collecting school supplies from local companies/friends/family to send down for the beginning of the school year in February! This simple act ensures that no children in the community are unable to come to class due to a lack of resources.
  3. Care packages from Canada. You probably talk about all kinds of things from home while you were in the community. What about sending some of those things down? Things like pictures of you on campus, snacks and treats from Canada, perhaps a t-shirt with your university name on it, etc. would all go over very well!
  4. Letters. Shipping packages can be a bit pricey and complicated to organize. A simple and MUCH appreciated gesture would be to write a letter and print out a few pictures for people in the community.

Nothing pleases Head Office more than to help facilitate any of these items (or other creative ideas). We can help you figure out shipping in Central/South America with our partners to ensure your package gets there as fast as possible. We’re also here to toss around other ideas about staying connected to communities so please don’t hesitate!

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