Course Packages

Coordinators are responsible for the creation of course packages, although you should collaborate closely with your Exam-AID Instructors to create the content. You should contact the professor or TAs of your course to obtain content material and verify the information in the course packages is current. The VP of Logistics will also need to review all course packages before they are uploaded.

Updating Course Packages

Coordinators will need to find any previous course packages in the file manager on the Portal. You can also check other Universities that offer similar courses (particularly if they uesd the same textbook) for additional material. Steps can be found here: [link to Portal Tools>locating course packages section]

  1. If there already is a recent course package, Coordinators should verify the information in the packages with the current professor or syllabus to ensure all the information is still correct. This is particularly important if the course is being taught by a different professor. Some of the considerations you want to be aware of are:
    • All the key concepts on the syllabus are covered by the course package
    • The same textbook (including version) was used. If not, make sure the concepts line up with what is in the textbook.
    • Sample questions are relevant and answers are accurate
    • Professor-specific attributes: does he allow a cheat sheet on the exam? mostly multiple-choice or short answer on exams? etc
    • Any other materials used in the course that could be on the exam (i.e. films, guest lectures, add’l reading materials, etc).
  2. If no package exists, Coordinators and Exam-AID Instructors will need to create the content. Course packages have two parts: the Take-Home Package for students and the Teaching Package that includes the PowerPoint presentation the Exam-AID Instructors will teach from.
    • Take Home Portion: this is the material that students will be able to download after their session. It is up to the you and the Exam-AID Instructors to determine how you would like to create this. This package should be comprised of:
      • previous midterm/final
      • questions and answers
      • a cheat sheet
      • a summary package of all of the material in the teaching presentation
    • Teaching Package: this package is the PowerPoint presentation that the Exam-AID Instructor(s) will teach from. This should be tailored to the Exam-AID Instructors’ teaching style and should follow this general template:
      • SOS Title slide with Coordinator and Exam-AID Instructor name(s)
      • Agenda slide detailing what will be covered in the session
      • Concept 1
      • Easy Example
      • Harder Example
      • Concept 2
      • Easy Example
      • Harder Example

…and so on until all major concepts in the course are covered.

Quality Control

All course packages must be reviewed by the VP of Logistics prior to being uploaded to the Portal. The VP is responsible for ensuring that all the packages are updated and meet SOS standards. Once you and your Exam-AID Instructor(s) have completed a package:

  1. Send a PDF copy of both the Teaching and Take-Home packages to your VP of Logistics by email.
  2. The VP of Logistics will verify the attributes below and check for general level of quality:
    • Correct dates/times: Exam-AID sessions, Exams, etc
    • Correct textbook is being used (including edition)
    • Key concepts covered align with course syllabus
    • Easy and hard examples for each concept with clear, thorough explanations
    • Practice problems for each concept
  1. Corrections or final approval to you. If there are are corrections to be made, consult with your Exam-AID Instructor and re-send to the VP. If approved, upload the course package.

Uploading Course Packages

Follow the instructions under the Portal Tools section on Uploading Course Packages. Make sure you test your course package download once it has been uploaded to verify that it downloads and opens correctly.

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