Exam-AID Checklist

During Exam-AID week, the Logistics team will have their hands full! During this time, the VP of Logistics acts as a support for the Coordinators. It is important not to stress during this time. Your prior preparation and work will pay off!

Coordinator Checklist

The following is a complete checklist of the tasks that need to be completed for each Exam-AID session.

  1. Pick up the media key for projector, microphone, etc.
  2. Ensure your Tutor has the SOS T-shirt a week before your sessions begin
  3. Ensure the take home packages are uploaded
    • Test the take home package by generating a code and attempting to download the package
  4. Print out the list of registered students [an hour prior to session]
  5. Print out the access codes for the online package [an hour prior to session]
    • Each sessions has different sets of codes, therefore please print new codes for EACH session
  6. Make sure you have the 1 minute SOS video to play in the beginning of the session
    • Login onto portal and see “Video Player” for the video
  7. Arrive at the location 30 minutes prior to the session
  8. Be enthusiastic to ensure that your Tutor is all ready and pumped for the session
  9. Welcome the students to the session!
  10. Make sure Finance has a tracking sheet with them (or print one yourself, file here: http://www.studentsofferingsupport.ca/portal/Finance/SOS_Exam-AID_Tracking_Sheet.xlsx)
  11. If you have wireless, use the At-session registration form so that they are all tracked and in the system: http://www.studentsofferingsupport.ca/portal/Finance/RegistrationReporting.php
    OR, if you don’t have wireless, have them write it down on the registration page, and enter the names of the students that didn’t pre-register on the Exam-AID Manager (click on the number of registrations to add new rows)
  12. When the session starts, do the SOS Intro (Be enthusiastic! It will set the mood for your whole session).. or just make sure the tutor can do these:
    1. Play video
    2. Introduce Coordinator and Tutor (with role descriptions)
    3. Donation goes to the annual project
      • Last year we [insert last year’s projects]
      • This year we [insert this year’s project] – They are welcome to join!
    4. Promote other sessions for their year
      • 1st year we offer: [insert other upcoming sessions]
      • 2nd year we offer: [insert other upcoming sessions]
    5. Get involved with SOS
      • Inform them of the positions available with SOS
      • We are always looking for Tutors and Coordinators
      • We would love to have new courses for other faculties and whoever is interested in welcome to email [insert chapter email here]
    6. Explain to them about the  Take-Home Package code they received (to go to the chapter website and enter in the code on the landing page)
      • Stress importance of feedback for tutor and coordinator – they should do it after the session!
    7. Good luck on your Exam!!!
  13. After you leave, make sure the finance person has the money and tracking sheet in an envelope sealed to give to the VP Finance / President. Enter in any day-of registrations on the portal so they are in the system!

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