Introduction to Portal

Portal is your guide to all aspects of Students Offering Support that directly affect your position. Most job tools (such as course management and Exam-AID schedules) can be found in the Navigation Bar while upcoming tasks can be found in Task bar. The tabs along the top of the homepage can direct you to various resources that you may find useful, such as the E-Manual.


  • Your login and password: your first initial and last name (i.e. jsmith for John Smith)

News Feed (home page)

  • Feed and Create a Post: Much like the Facebook news feed, this section shows current events, videos, and information from around the organization. Important information from the Head Office is often shared via the News Feed. Presidents and VPs can also create a post.

Navigation  Bar (left side)

  • Your Profile: Picture, personal description, contact info, and hours log. To edit information, click “manage” in the right corner of the profile box
  • Navigation: Shows all options according to your position. Familiarize yourself with all these options so you will know where to find the tools/information you need in the future.

Tasks + Calendar (right side)

  • Your Tasks: Shows all upcoming tasks assigned to your position. Checking off a task will hide it from this page. You can add a task for yourself or others by clicking  “Create a Task (for yourself/others)” in the lower right corner of the task box. You can manage your tasks, see completed tasks, and create multi-task lists by clicking “manage” in the upper right of the task box.
  • Upcoming Exam-AIDs:  This section will be showing all upcoming Exam-AIDs for your chapter. **This section is currently under development and not yet available.
  • Recent Blogs: Shows recent blog posts from volunteers. You can submit a blog post by clicking “write your own blog!” and it will be posted after review.

Tabs (along the top)

  • Files: This is the file manager for SOS. This is where chapter documents such as past course  packages are stored and can be accessed. You can also upload files to this section.
  • Leaderboards:  Shows standings for overall chapter results, top tutors, upcoming Exam-AID registrations, and past Exam-AID registrations.
  • Contact List: SOS organization-wide directory.
  • E-Manual: Direct access to the E-Manual landing page. You can also access the E-Manual through your navigation menu. E-Manual is the hub of internal information for SOS and is organized by department for easy reference.
  • Log-Out: Logs you out of the SOS portal.


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