One Week to Finals! Marketing Task List

Based on our VP Marketing Meetings, over March 19-21 2012, here is a list of Marketing tasks to do in the final week of classes.

Minimum Marketing Efforts are:

  • In-Class Presentations – if you cannot be in a class in-person, see if it is possible to have the Professor share a pre-recorded message about your upcoming sessions.
  • Flyers
    • Consider flyers with ‘tear-off’ email addresses – consider posters with things to take away i.e. business cards, tear-offs
    • Post flyers in study areas, once classes are over
  • Posting on Course Discussion Boards
    • Remember, this can only be done by a student in the class or the professor
    • Having the professor do this is IDEAL – it shows that the prof is supportive of our sessions
  • Utilize on-campus televisions (i.e. powerpoint slides, video, etc.)
  • Social Media
    • Getting prominent people at your school to share what SOS is doing i.e. Tweeting, Facebooking. Consider who on your campus has a lot of reach
    • Get your volunteers to post about sessions themselves! And share information within their own circles of friends
  • Email Blasts to the Students that have previously attended SOS sessions
  • ABC – Always Be Cross-Marketing
    • Hand out flyers after actual exams for cross marketing purposes. i.e. business students exiting a economics exam receive flyers about your Exam-AID for the accounting exam coming up
Extra Marketing Ideas:

Here is a PDF version of this One Week to Finals! Marketing Task List. If you have any questions, please email Robyn at

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