Portal 101: Human Resources

THIS E-Manual post is your one stop ship for learning about all HR Functions found on the portal.

The portal has lots of resources and capabilities that you will need to understand and be comfortable using to complete your job. Here, you will find a complete list of all Human Resources functions found on the navigations toolbar within the portal (the menu that sits on the left of your screen below your personal bio). You can also watch the video walkthrough here.

Volunteer User Manager

This is where you sign up your Chapter volutneers wiht SOS portal account. Once volunteers are recruited, you must input them and activate their portal accounts. Setting up an account provides new volunteers with all the resources to execute their role. Moreover it provides SOS family to be connected in one place. Ensure to ADD volunteers (old or new) to the portal as soon as they join the team with all the up to date information!!!

  • When a new volunteer joins the team, be sure to organize their portal account
    • Navigation > Human Resources > Volunteer User Manager
    • If the volunteer has been a part of SOS in the past, check for an existing account. Otherwise create a new volunteer account by following the prompts.
    • Remember to remind your volunteers to update their picture and bio in their account! Having pictures attached to names is important for getting to know other team members.
  • It is important to update volunteer’s roles on the portal. This is important both for newly hired volunteers, but also for volunteers who are changing positions within the organization. Why is this important? Volunteers positions must be kept up to date so they have the necessary portal capabilities and are connected for internal communication. Updating volunteer roles is also done using the Volunteer User Manager.
  • Finally, when volunteers are no longer volunteering with SOS, deactivate their accounts. To do this:
    • Volunteer User Manager > Manage Current Volunteer. Once here, you can deactivate an account.

Post Volunteer Positions

Be sure to post all open positions for which you are hiring, with their detailed descriptions, onto your chapter’s external website. They will appear on the website on the Volunteer Signup Form. Don’t forget to take down open positions once they are filled – do this by taking the position off the openings list.

To update open positions:

  • Navigation > Human Resources > Post Volunteer Positions > Input Position Title and Description (will appear on external chapter website)
  • Within this area, you can also manage and modify your open position posts.

Application Manager

The application manager is your go to place for organizing applications you receive from potential volunteers. Here, you can access resumes and submit whether or not applicants are hired to your team. Make sure to monitor the application manager and compare names to the applications received through email. To access the application manager:

  • Navigation Toolbar > Human Resources > Application Manager

Click here to watch an instructional video of how to use the application manager. NOTE that if you have questions about how to use the application manager, email chapters@studentsofferingsupport.ca.

Course to Volunteer Manager

As the VP of HR, you will need to assign courses to your newly hired and returning tutors. This essentially organizes your team of tutors and prepares for Exam-AID planning. Be sure to include the VP Logistics when assigning tutors to courses.
  • Each course must have a course coordinator attached to it. You will need to update coordinator information 2 times on the portal – first at the beginning of the term, and once again after any new coordinators have been hired.
    • Navigation > Human Resources > Course to Volunteer Manager
    • Select applicable course and assign Coordinator then Tutors

Volunteer Hours Log Manager

Volunteers can submit their volunteer hours by entering them manually into their bio – they can click “Log Hours” right next to their profile picture.

The volunteer hours log manager is a place for you to track and aprove the hours volunteers spend workin for SOS. It is useful to encourage volunteers to log their own hours for added information when you conduct evaluations.

To view hours logged, go to:

  • Navigation Toolbar > Human Resources > Volunteer Hours Log Manager
  • Within this manager, you can approve hours that have been submitted, or generate a report of hours for a specific term.

Volunteer Evaluation

The evaluation section of the HR toolbar is where you will go when it’s time to complete volunteer evaluations. To read more about conducting evaluations, read this associated post: Volunteer Evaluations.

Before you can evaluate your volunteers for the current period, you will be asked to set your evaluation criteria. In doing this, you can include characteristics and criteria you will be measuring.

Submit an SOS Star

The SOS Stars initiative is a monthly opportunity to recognize the exceptional work of volunteers in your chapter. More than one star can be selected per month, and this is done through the portal. You will need to coordinate your selections with your chapter President(s).

When stars are selected, a post is made to the chapter’s portal newsfeed. All stars for a given month are also eligible for being shared across the SOS family through Head Office’s monthly volunteer newsletters.

To submit a star:

  • Navigation Toolbar > Human Resources > Submit an SOS Star
  • Once on the submission page, select the month and year for which you are submitting, include the volunteer’s name, and take a few minutes to write about why they are this month’s star. Again, you can feel free to make multiple submissions for any given month.

Transition Report Manager

The Transition Report Manager is where you can upload your own Transition Report at the end of the term. Correctly identify which term and year your report corresponds with by selecting from the drop-downs. To upload your transition report:

  • Navigation Toolbar > Human Resources > Transition Report Manager

Email Accounts Manager

Here is where you can add and remove e-mail forwarders for your chapter. An e-mail forwarder is an e-mail address that people can e-mail, yet get redirected to any e-mail address you would like. So you can tell people to send e-mails to marketing@windsorsos.com and it will actually get sent to your gmail account etc. It is important for volunteers to use their SOS email when emailing about the organization, but of course feel free to link up SOS accounts to gmail, etc., for ease of use. Feel free to create as many as you like!

Schedule Manager

The Scheduling Manager allows you to create time slots for individuals to book times with you. Once the individual schedules the time, everyone gets notified and the time slot becomes unavailable. Usually this tool is used for booking interview times or scheduling volunteer evaluations. However, please feel free to tell us other ways you are using it.

When organizing interview schedules, please use the Scheduling Manager on the portal.

  • Navigation Toolbar > Human Resources > Schedule Manager
  • You can use this manager to schedule interview times appropriately

Communication Manager

You can use the Communication Manager for sending your SOS emails.

1. Navigation Toolbar > Human Resources > Communication Manager > Send Regular E-Mails to Any Volunteers or Groups (not a full chapter broadcast message)

  • Here you can email an individual volunteer, or a specific group of volunteers, such as your Executive Team
  • You can also select specific distribution lists that you create for specific groups
  • Also can select users who subsribed a certain newsletter to send Email
  • After selecting your email recipients, input your message into the Email Editor. By using the portal to send emails, you can incorporate HTML and send test emails to yourself.

2. Navigation Toolbar > Human Resources > Communication Manager > Broadcast: Send Full Chapter Message (updates, news, reminders, congrats, etc.)

  • This is where you can send e-mails to EVERYONE in your chapter. Perfect for your full chapter updates, or news, or reminders, etc. You can also select if you want to e-mail just your active volunteers (those who have are volunteering for you this term), inactive volunteer (who were a volunteer for you in a past term, but not this term), Alumni (coming soon!), or all of them!

3. Here, you can also personally remove volunteers or students off the email mailing list

Tutor Feedback

The Tutor Feedback section is your go to area for getting feedback data from students who attend your Exam-AID sessions. This data can be utilized during volunteer evaluations, for marketing purposes, and is useful also for the VP Logistics.

HR E-Manual

Clicking here will take you to all posts within the E-Manual associated with HR 😀

Other Portal Resources for HR

Files – The file manager is a great place for searching resources from other chapters and also uploading materials from your own chapter. Each chapter has its own folder, so feel free to add any documents you need to.

Leaderboards – The Leaderboard is THE spot for seeing how the entire organization is doing for meeting our financial goals, seeing when sessions are booked, and seeing how your tutor ratings compare to those of other chapters.

Contact List – Here, find a complete list of your chapter’s volunteers. You can also search volunteer lists from other chapters if you need someone’s contact info.

SOS Store – The SOS store is where you buy SOS swag for your chapter volunteers. When new volunteers come on board, they will need some SOS gear. SOS gear is a requirement for Swag Days, which you can read more about here. Swag Days are a joint project organized by HR and Marketing teams.

E-Manual – You have already found the E-Manual if you are reading this post. The E-Manual is chock full of resources for volunteers in all positions. Find tips, Toolkits and resources to help everyone do their job.

Weekly Digests – As VP HR, you may be delegated the responsibility of submitting content for weekly digests (which are sent out once every 2 weeks). To read more about Weekly Digests, check out this post on Other Development Tasks.


If you have any questions about using the portal, please email chapters@studentsofferingsupport.ca.

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