Marketing Tips: Booths

A great way to promote SOS on campus is setting up an information booth whenever possible- Club days, volunteer fairs, or, just to attract general traffic in your Student Life building. Below is the 411 on what you need to make your booth attractive to potential students!

The most important:
The Elevator Pitch: Your booth can look great, but if you don’t have informed booth attendants than your sales pitch falls short. Here is a great way to get all the facts rights in a timely manner.

  • Students Offering Support is:
    • An international, student-run charity
    • We build sustainable development projects in Latin America
    • Money is raised by offering students group tutoring reviews sessions before exams, Exam-AIDs
    • Available to students for just a $20 donation
    • Include 3-hour session and course kit with course material and practice questions
    • With the money we raised, chapter volunteers went to ________ last summer
    • Visit us at [Chapter Website] for more info/register for a sessions/volunteer

SOS Banner
If you have not yet ordered an SOS banner, get off this page and go immediately to the SOS store and order one :) If you already have one, make sure you always set it up on your booth so it is visible to all student traffic.

Flyers and Information
Always have information the interested student can take away with them. Depending on what you are promoting make sure you have materials directly related. If you are trying to push Exam-AID attendance than bring rave cards specifically related  to the courses you are offering.

E-mail Contact Sheet
Always have a contact sheet for interested students to sign. That way you can build a database of interested students that you can e-mail about open positions, new sessions, trips, etc.

If possible bring goodies to give away. Free food is always a hit with students! There are a ton of creative ways you can promote SOS with giveaways. See the ‘creative campaigns’ section for more info on this.

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