External Recruitment: Email Template and Poster

Here is a template that can be modified and used for recruiting SOS team members externally:
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Students Offering Support: [SCHOOLNAME] Chapter IS HIRING!

If you’ve ever thought about joining an AMAZING student led organization at [SchoolName], then you are in luck!


Volunteering with SOS creates waves of positive results for both fellow classmates and students around the world. For those who donate their time, being a part of SOS provides valuable skills and personal development as well as unique travel opportunities.

Volunteer positions are guaranteed to provide amazing experience for any co-op, summer, or full time position.

SOS is a highly motivated and rapidly growing organization which connects volunteers with a network of like minded students and business contacts who support each other’s success. Here are some of our opportunities:


Applications for [SchoolName] SOS positions are open until [DATE]. Interviews will be held [DATE].

To view a list of positions and to apply, go to [CHAPTER WEBSITE] and click Volunteers!

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@schoolnameSOS)as well!– [SCHOOLNAME] SOS Team

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For external hiring, also check out this amazing poster template that you can use and adapt.

Template for External Recruitment Poster

Simply update your chapter website on the poster (click here to download the Photoshop file for this poster) and you have a great external recruitment tool!

OR…If you have used this template one to many times, here is another sample e-mail to switch things up. This also includes information at the bottom with our two new partnerships!

SUBJECT: Leadership Opportunity: [position] of [chapter] SOS (teach hundreds locally, raise $1000’s globally)

Students Offering Support (SOS, www.studentsofferingsupport.ca) is [coming] to [university] for the ’12-’13 school year and we are on the hunt for the best student leaders to run the organization. As the [insert job position], you will be the driving force behind your local and global impact:

•             Raise Marks – We help student locally by running 3-hour group review sessions ‘Exam-AIDs’ for various university courses, helping first year students prepare for exams, right when they need it!

•             Raise Money – From your Exam-AIDs, by charging a $20 donation to attend a session, you have the opportunity to raise as much as $100,000 in 1 year for a development project in rural Latin America.

•             Raise Roofs – With the funds raised throughout the year, your team will work with one of our NGO partners to devise, coordinate, and actually build the chosen project on a two-week volunteer outreach trip at the end of each year!


Students Offering Support is one of the largest University student groups in Canada, with chapters on 26 Universities. Since ’04, SOS has helped more than 25,000 students raise their marks, which has raised $1,000,000 building 55 development projects to date.


Want to hone your leadership skills? Interested in having a huge impact on yourself and those around you? Apply today to be the [position] of [university] SOS for the 2012-2013 school year.


Don’t forget-  Students Offering Support has partnered with Princeton Review to help say THANKS for volunteering! What this means is that we have been provided discounts that can be used on all of Princeton Review’s prep courses (LSAT, GSAT, MCAT, or GRE). The discounts are between 15%-40% based on your involvement with SOS for the year.


AND.. for those aspiring accountants, SOS has a national partnership with Ernst & Young, providing you direct access to national recruiters, mentorship opportunities, and a great reference for your application!


For more information on the work SOS does check out our website: www.studentsofferingsupport.ca

If interested in applying, e-mail a resume & cover letter to:

(whoever they would send their e-mail to)


If you have any questions about this external recruitment template or poster, feel free to email chapters@studentsofferingsupport.ca.
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