Stories of Success: UVic Fall 2011

Here is a summary of what UVic SOS’s Co-President Ryan Heron wrote about his chapter’s first term. To read the entire document, click here – UVic Year 1 Semester 1 – Successes & Failures. The content of the report has been organized here into sections based on chapter departments. Points include lessons learned from the previous term, successes, and things the team will be working on in the future.


  • Team positioned friendly and welcoming volunteers at their Exam-AID check-in tables – this contributed to a pleasant and efficient check-in process
  • VP of Finance paid a great attention to the steps required in order to have proper tracking system of revenues, trip payments, expenses, etc.


  • Get creative! Consider what will be most eye-catching
  • Consider cross marketing efforts (marketing collaborations with other clubs on campus that align with your vision)
  • Realized that when marketing Exam-AID session,  talking more about the specific tutor is effective
  • Learned that the marketing team needs to be pretty big to be effective
    • However – make sure to assign individual responsibilities i.e. create a marketing plan with detailed tasks and a timeline for completion these tasks
  • Always be working to leverage social media


  • Ran quality sessions
    • Ultimately learned that first sessions have no room for error – these are critical to building a new chapter’s reputation
  • Held practice days with one hour sessions before the actual Exam-AID
  • Had smooth scheduling and smooth running of courses
  • Upload course packages one week before the session – build packages early to avoid stress
    • Test the package code!

Exam-AID Sessions

  • Interact with students at intermissions to get instant feedback
  • Update positions on the portal
  • Hold real and effective interviews, but be sure to get to know people!
    • Hold a Think Sync!
    • Be a close knit club
  • Compile mailing lists
  • Hire early and assign tasks
  • Find ways to reward volunteers – always appreciate them and reward them for their incredible hard work
Other Notes
  • Faculty and deans are not always responsive to emails
  • SOS is usually a term commitment
Again, for more information about UVic’s experiences this past fall 2011 term, check out the full report – UVic Year 1 Semester 1 – Successes & Failures. If you have any questions about this content, feel free to email



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