What to Look out For

What to Look out For

Focus on Offering Exam-AID Sessions What Students Offering Support does is offer Exam-AID sessions to raise money to build schools. As our slogan states, we “Raise Marks to Raise Money to Raise Roofs.” Focus on this. However, don’t make the outreach trips the focal point right at the beginning. First, let it be known that […]

Methods of Promotion

Methods of Promotion

Posters Posters are a great way to raise awareness, just like billboards and outdoor ads you see on the street. While they are effective, you need to look at the posters from a student’s point of view. School walls are full of posters, and are usually ignored. Because of this, you need to ensure your […]

VP Marketing Handbook

VP Marketing Handbook 2014-2015 Last revision: November 2014 Welcome to the role of VP Marketing! In your role,  you are responsible for marketing all of SOS’s operations on your campus and overall brand presence. To make the learning process easier, this handbook serves as a high level overview of your role as VP Marketing and […]

Greg’s 7 Things to make Finals AWESOME!

Hi Presidents & VP’s! As we approach the final exams, there are a few things I really want everyone to know about and hopefully use/implement/take into consideration as you plan your logistics and marketing for finals: Communicate about the TUTOR & SESSION/PACKAGE DETAILS not the “charity” Use the Portal Communication Manager to e-mail your past […]

Social Media Content Ideas

Social Media Content Ideas

If you are having a hard time coming up with content for your social media pages, here are some suggestions that will be fairly timeless and can fit into various periods in your academic year. They are broken into topics, and then within each topic are articles, images, and videos.   Volunteering Articles […]

Template: Explaining SOS

As an Expansion Executive you will have to write/explain SOS to lots and lots of people! In order to ensure we consistent with our message this manual will outline varies different templates to use when e-mailing/speaking about SOS. SOS Blurbs 15 word SOS volunteers lead exam prep sessions to raise money for education-oriented development projects […]

Class Talks

Past VPs of Outreach have found that going to specific classes to talk about your trip is a particularly effective way of spreading the word and getting applications in. Key is to target classes that have students interested in international development/Latin America/education and may not be reached through Exam-AIDs/SOS on your campus. What you need: […]

Marketing Exam-AIDs

Once the final Exam-AID schedule has been shared with Marketing, all proofs for flyers, posters, marketing slides, etc will need to be approved by the VP of Logistics for accuracy (correct dates/times/locations). Coordinators should also verify that Exam-AID information appears correctly on the chapter external website and on any social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Coordinators also need […]