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Story of Success: JDC Partnership at Laurier SOS

Story of Success: JDC Partnership at Laurier SOS

Overview Laurier SOS has long been the highest gross revenue chapter within Students Offering Support – and one of the reasons for this is their incredible partnership with the JDC (Jeux de Commerce) club at their school. The basis of this partnership is that JDC members tutor some of Laurier SOS’ sessions and get to […]

Volunteer Performance Evaluations

They can be tedious to do, and nerve-wracking to sit through, but conducting performance evaluations with your team members is so important for a number of reasons: Performance evaluations give you the opportunity to sit down with volunteers and discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and figure out a plan to help struggling volunteers improve their […]

Story of Success: Starting a New Chapter (Laurentian)

The SOS chapter at Laurentian University in Sudbury started operations in the fall semester 2014. In their first semester, the chapter successfully recruited a full executive team and ran 5 sessions raising over $1,000. Below are a few tips based on their success, written by Kaitlyn Kargus, the first president of Laurentian SOS. Meet the […]

Executive Transition

This emanual outlines how to conduct an amazing transition so that your successor can have an even more successful term than you did! The goal of transition is to pass on all the knowledge required for the role, including both functional knowledges and lessons learned from throughout your term. The transition process consists of 4 […]

Operations for Presidents

This emanual outlines some of the basic responsibilities & tasks of each VP on your executive team. For more detailed information on each functional area, you can check out that function’s handbook or emanual section (links provided below). Finance The role of  VP Finance can be broken down into three areas: accounting, budgeting and performance […]

Greg’s 7 Things to make Finals AWESOME!

Hi Presidents & VP’s! As we approach the final exams, there are a few things I really want everyone to know about and hopefully use/implement/take into consideration as you plan your logistics and marketing for finals: Communicate about the TUTOR & SESSION/PACKAGE DETAILS not the “charity” Use the Portal Communication Manager to e-mail your past […]

Stories of Success: UVic Fall 2011

Here is a summary of what UVic SOS’s Co-President Ryan Heron wrote about his chapter’s first term. To read the entire document, click here – UVic Year 1 Semester 1 – Successes & Failures. The content of the report has been organized here into sections based on chapter departments. Points include lessons learned from the previous […]