Human Resources

Volunteer Performance Evaluations

They can be tedious to do, and nerve-wracking to sit through, but conducting performance evaluations with your team members is so important for a number of reasons: Performance evaluations give you the opportunity to sit down with volunteers and discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and figure out a plan to help struggling volunteers improve their […]

Volunteer Appreciation and Engagement

One of the biggest challenges volunteer organizations face is retaining their volunteers over time. After all, the only reason that students volunteer with Students Offering Support is because they truly want to! Therefore, it’s incredibly important that we ensure volunteering with SOS is fun, and that we recognize our volunteers’ hard work. Below are a few ideas […]

Exit Interviews

One of the most important, but often neglected, processes in Human Resources is the exit interview. Exit interviews will help you gather information on the volunteer’s impression of SOS, how well your chapter has engaged and developed students, and will provide feedback on how your chapter can improve.  Exit interviews should be done with any […]

Volunteer On-boarding

On-boarding and orientation are terms which are often used interchangeably; however, they are not actually the same thing. An orientation is a one-time event which is meant to introduce new hires to the organization, and to convey important information of a more general nature, such as policies and goals. You can find information about planning […]

Volunteer Hiring Process

The VP HR is responsible for all aspects of the hiring process, with the assistance of the President(s) and other VPs. It is important that your chapter has established a volunteer hiring process to make hiring smooth and straightforward. Below is a recommended process that acts as a checklist of things you need to do […]

Executive Transition

This emanual outlines how to conduct an amazing transition so that your successor can have an even more successful term than you did! The goal of transition is to pass on all the knowledge required for the role, including both functional knowledges and lessons learned from throughout your term. The transition process consists of 4 […]

VP Human Resources Handbook

VP Human Resources Handbook

Human Resources Handbook 2014-2015 Welcome to your new role as VP of Human Resources. Human Resources is the art of managing people and making sure things are running smoothly. This manual outlines your main responsibilities and indicates where you can find more information. To make the learning process easier, this handbook serves as a high […]

Orientation Handbook

Orientation Handbook   Congratulations! You have been selected to plan your chapters orientation program for all volunteers! This manual outlines the framework for creating an effective and efficient orientation program. Make sure you check out this PowerPoint template and use it as a starting point. Decide your orientation date and give volunteers notice It is […]