Recruitment & Hiring

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Volunteer Hiring Process

The VP HR is responsible for all aspects of the hiring process, with the assistance of the President(s) and other VPs. It is important that your chapter has established a volunteer hiring process to make hiring smooth and straightforward. Below is a recommended process that acts as a checklist of things you need to do […]

Orientation Handbook

Orientation Handbook   Congratulations! You have been selected to plan your chapters orientation program for all volunteers! This manual outlines the framework for creating an effective and efficient orientation program. Make sure you check out this PowerPoint template and use it as a starting point. Decide your orientation date and give volunteers notice It is […]

Question Pool for Volunteer Interviews

Interviewing potential SOS volunteers is a crucial step in assembling the best team possible. In order to determine if the volunteer is is the right fit for the role (and for your chapter), we need to be asking them the right questions.¬†Each position will have different questions specific to the role they are applying for. […]