Outreach Trips

On Campus Tabling or Booths

On Campus Tabling or Booths

Goal Booths are a key component to increasing students’ awareness of SOS Outreach Trips. The purpose of a booth is to engage with students and tell them that SOS provides Outreach Trips. At your booth, you want to make sure students know the location of your trip and what their tasks will be. You want […]

Sample Email to Professors

Dear (professor name), My name is ____, I am a (year of study) year (major) student here at (school). I am writing to you today to tell you about a fantastic opportunity that will definitely be of interest for your students in (name of class). I am the Vice President of Outreach at Students Offering […]

Taking Photos & Videos on Your Outreach Trip

Taking Pictures & Filming Videos on your Outreach Trip During your Outreach Trips you will witness some of the most beautiful and awe inducing spectacles unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Whether it is the mountains in Bolivia, the Peruvian rainforest, or the deep waters in Guatemala, you will want to snap pictures and film […]

Trip Leadership Role: Wellness Participant

Wellness Participant Role Description   Requirements: Patient Sensitive Approachable First aid certifications desired, but not required   The role of the Wellness Participant is to ensure the physical and mental health of all Outreach Trip participants during their SOS Outreach Trip. The Wellness Participant is not to act as an emergency first aid responder, but […]

Trip Leadership Role: Community Profile Participant

Community Profile Participant Role Description   Requirements: Approachable Strong interest in research and/or data collection Willingness to collaborate with NGO and Trip Leaders to collect information Patient and flexible Eager for a cross cultural experience Spanish speaking (desired, but if not the NGO leader will help with the process). Completed a course on research methods […]

Class Talks

Past VPs of Outreach have found that going to specific classes to talk about your trip is a particularly effective way of spreading the word and getting applications in. Key is to target classes that have students interested in international development/Latin America/education and may not be reached through Exam-AIDs/SOS on your campus. What you need: […]

Hosting a Rolling Info Session

This post will walk you through running an information session for your upcoming trip… Ideally you’ll run a few of these sessions, and do them in a “rolling” format where you book a room for a few hours and give the presentation multiple times so volunteers can stop by as it suits them. Here’s how! […]

Keeping in touch with your host community

So, you’re back from an incredible trip this summer and you (and your group) want to stay in touch with the community you visited…  The obvious ideal situation would be to head down to the community the next moment a time becomes available to pay them a visit. Here are a few ideas from past […]

International Centers on Campus

When: September/October What: Most campuses have an office where students can go to get information on international opportunities. This may be called the International Center, the Work/Study Abroad Center, or something else (check your school’s website). Here you should be able to find a place to put up posters, a binder where you can throw […]

Volunteer Abroad Fairs

Volunteer Abroad Fairs When: September and October – get on this early!!! What: Fairs that run around university campuses set up to promote various international opportunities, and are widely attended by students in the first weeks of the school year. Study and Go Abroad Fair (see when/if it’s at your campus!): http://www.studyandgoabroad.com Lets Go Global […]